No EFTPOS for you!

This may fit squarely in the ‘first world problems’ category, but it happened to my hungry little family today.


Travelling from the South coast to Canberra, we stopped at Braidwood hoping to get some burgers and chippies (local style). Both the shops we popped into had signs out the front:


So you get a couple of customer service points for giving the message up front. But minus several million for not accepting EFTPOS in the year 2013.

And before anyone tells me it’s expensive to have EFTPOS, especially for a small business I say this:

If you want to be in business, you usually need to make money. And to make money, you usually need to take money from customers. In the case of these two businesses, they lost out on around $30 income from us. Multiply that by a several dozen other families every day who wanted to spend money and you’ve got a whole bunch of money not being spent in your shop at Braidwood, which is subsequently being spent in Bungendore or Canberra.

That money would do well to fund an EFTPOS machine.

You may even get repeat business.

“Gee those chippies were yummy last time we stopped here, let’s get some more now…” says me in an alternate universe.

Besides, even I accept EFTPOS in its basic form.

I have a “PayPal Here” swiper, which means I can accept credit card transactions on my iPhone. And there are no monthly fees for this thing. Even if they charged me a percentage of my sales, I am still making sales.

Hey, I ain’t no businessman and could be missing something here.

Anyway, Braidwood is a lovely place and I’m sure their food is just as lovely.

Just make sure you’re cashed up first!

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