No EFTPOS for you!

This may fit square­ly in the ‘first world prob­lems’ cat­e­go­ry, but it hap­pened to my hun­gry lit­tle fam­i­ly today.


Trav­el­ling from the South coast to Can­ber­ra, we stopped at Braid­wood hop­ing to get some burg­ers and chip­pies (local style). Both the shops we popped into had signs out the front:


So you get a cou­ple of cus­tomer ser­vice points for giv­ing the mes­sage up front. But minus sev­er­al mil­lion for not accept­ing EFTPOS in the year 2013.

And before any­one tells me it’s expen­sive to have EFTPOS, espe­cial­ly for a small busi­ness I say this:

If you want to be in busi­ness, you usu­al­ly need to make mon­ey. And to make mon­ey, you usu­al­ly need to take mon­ey from cus­tomers. In the case of these two busi­ness­es, they lost out on around $30 income from us. Mul­ti­ply that by a sev­er­al dozen oth­er fam­i­lies every day who want­ed to spend mon­ey and you’ve got a whole bunch of mon­ey not being spent in your shop at Braid­wood, which is sub­se­quent­ly being spent in Bun­gen­dore or Canberra.

That mon­ey would do well to fund an EFTPOS machine.

You may even get repeat business.

Gee those chip­pies were yum­my last time we stopped here, let’s get some more now…” says me in an alter­nate universe.

Besides, even I accept EFTPOS in its basic form.

I have a “Pay­Pal Here” swiper, which means I can accept cred­it card trans­ac­tions on my iPhone. And there are no month­ly fees for this thing. Even if they charged me a per­cent­age of my sales, I am still mak­ing sales.

Hey, I ain’t no busi­ness­man and could be miss­ing some­thing here.

Any­way, Braid­wood is a love­ly place and I’m sure their food is just as lovely.

Just make sure you’re cashed up first!