The Epiphany

Sometimes I think I have figured it all out.

On more than one occasion in my life, I have started thinking about the universe and ended up inadvertently stretching my brain deep into things like the interconnectedness of all things and what lies beyond the subatomic level.

And no, this is not after consuming quantities of acid or eating raw mushrooms from the grounds of Parliament House.

And trust me, I am no Brian Green or Timothy Leary.

This is just me daydreaming whilst in the shower or walking home from work.

Sometimes I imagine CGI-like images of diving down into the fundamentals of the universe and seeing things like vibrating strings and everything being merely a protrusion into reality and underneath everything is connected on a single plane.

It all seems right, and true, and even gives me goosebumps and an odd feeling of euphoria.

Then just like any interesting dream, I come back to my reality and move on with my life with only the vaguest of memories of what just went on inside my brain.

The End**

** My orbifold flop-transition is killing me

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