The Epiphany

Some­times I think I have fig­ured it all out.

On more than one occa­sion in my life, I have start­ed think­ing about the uni­verse and end­ed up inad­ver­tent­ly stretch­ing my brain deep into things like the inter­con­nect­ed­ness of all things and what lies beyond the sub­atom­ic level.

And no, this is not after con­sum­ing quan­ti­ties of acid or eat­ing raw mush­rooms from the grounds of Par­lia­ment House.

And trust me, I am no Bri­an Green or Tim­o­thy Leary.

This is just me day­dream­ing whilst in the show­er or walk­ing home from work.

Some­times I imag­ine CGI-like images of div­ing down into the fun­da­men­tals of the uni­verse and see­ing things like vibrat­ing strings and every­thing being mere­ly a pro­tru­sion into real­i­ty and under­neath every­thing is con­nect­ed on a sin­gle plane.

It all seems right, and true, and even gives me goose­bumps and an odd feel­ing of euphoria.

Then just like any inter­est­ing dream, I come back to my real­i­ty and move on with my life with only the vaguest of mem­o­ries of what just went on inside my brain.

The End**

** My orb­ifold flop-tran­si­tion is killing me