The answer to everything? Check your bathtub.

Have you ever stood and stared at it, mar­velled at its beau­ty, its genius? Bil­lions of peo­ple just liv­ing out their lives, oblivious.”
Agent Smith, Cir­ca 1999

I like to stare at the bath­tub water as it exits down the drain hole.

For some rea­son I can­not help but find it fas­ci­nat­ing. I also like to make my chil­dren watch it also, but they tend to run scream­ing when the even­tu­al loud mon­ster suck­ing noise hap­pens, but I digress.

Sure­ly it is no coin­ci­dence that the soap bub­bles swirling around the drain hole resem­ble that of a spi­ral galaxy.

Galaxy-EyeEvery image or ani­ma­tion of a black hole that I have ever seen resem­bles my bath water dis­ap­pear­ing down its own black hole. The bub­bles on the out­er rim swirl slow­ly in their blob­by clumps, pick­ing up speed as they approach the cen­tre, stretch­ing out until they are no longer dis­cern­able as dis­creet bub­bles. The steam shoot­ing upwards from the whole even resem­bles the more recent depic­tions of black holes expelling large jets of gas.

How do I know I am not wit­ness­ing the demise of a galaxy every time I pull the plug?

And should I feel guilty about it? Maybe.  Though I shall park those hand-of-god delu­sions for now.

I have often, as many have before, toyed with the idea that every­thing on the large scale, is just a frac­tal-like rep­re­sen­ta­tion of every­thing on the small­er scale.

But maybe there is more to it than that.

Maybe every­thing on the small scale is the same thing on the large scale. They are some­how intrin­si­cal­ly linked, just some­how on a dif­fer­ent time scale.

That is, if you zoom down far enough from the galac­tic scale down through the quan­tum scale, you will end up back at galac­tic scale.

I see uni­vers­es pop­ping in and out of exis­tence as quick­ly as bub­bles in the bath tub. But if you just so hap­pened to be in one of those uni­vers­es (as we may well be), the pop­ping of our own galac­tic bub­ble would take bil­lions of years.  So there’s no need to panic.

I did have a dream about this once, and it all made sense at the time.