A Current Affair vs Today Tonight

In the wonderful world of “current affairs” programs on Australian television, there is no competition when it comes to A Current Affair vs Today Tonight.

That’s because they are not competing.

Elvis had the right idea

They are exactly the same.

And not only are they exactly the same as each other – they are exactly the same as themselves, if you compare this month to last month.

Both of these shows have a wonderful rolling agenda.

Pick a week, any week, and I defy you to not find one of the following scenarios:

1. Speed Cameras

2. An evil Landlord, or an evil Tenant

3. Groceries – where are the best deals?

4. People who win lots of competitions

5. Why it’s never been a better time to buy a big TV (including recommendations by unbiased experts such as Gerry Harvey)

6. Bad parents, or bad kids

7. The real secret behind weight loss

So when choosing which current affairs you wish to subscribe to, the choice comes down to this:

Tracy Grimshaw or Matt White?

It’s just like Coke vs Pepsi, only with both leaving a bad taste in your mouth.

What time is the 7PM Project on again… nah, forget it.



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