Where the bloody hell are Ewe?

The met­al sheep art­work by the late artist Les Kos­satz has been a Can­ber­ra Civic icon for many years. 

Tourists and locals alike have often con­tem­plat­ed the mean­ing behind “Ainslie’s Sheep”. 

The unusu­al sculp­ture appears to be a ewe look­ing like it is ready to pounce onto the spread legged ram lean­ing back in a chair with some kind of mate­r­i­al draped over its belly.

The art­work lends itself for many a pho­to oppor­tu­ni­ty and also finds itself the brunt of many a sheep hump­ing sight gag amongst drunk­en boys on a Sat­ur­day night.

My one year old son in par­tic­u­lar has a fond­ness for pat­ting the sheep, and we always make a stop on the way past to give him ample time to show his appreciation.

So it was with great shock and dis­may that on my usu­al week­end walk with a pram full of fer­vent son that I noticed that one of the sheep were miss­ing from Civic.

Googling and ask­ing around seems to have giv­en me no fur­ther insight into what has hap­pened to one of the sheep duo. 

I did take the pho­to to the left of the metal­lic feet still stick­ing out of the ground, which sug­gests to me that the sheep was removed via some vio­lent method. 

The feet were so sharp and dan­ger­ous look­ing that they war­rant­ed day-glo traf­fic cones and a tem­po­rary fence to be con­struct­ed around them.  These have since been removed and the bolts ground down to some­thing safe.

If any­one knows of the where­abouts, or even the sto­ry behind the removal, please feel free to add a com­ment below.

Ainslie sheep has been repaired and replaced
by MAG Weld­ing Ser­vices PTY LTD locat­ed in Fysh­wick ACT

This infor­ma­tion was post­ed to the-riotact.com :

ACT Polic­ing have made the fol­low­ing statement:

ACT Polic­ing is inves­ti­gat­ing the incident
— Police became aware of the prop­er­ty dam­age on Sun­day morn­ing (March 13) about 2.45am
— Police have obtained the CCTV footage of the incident
— Police have iden­ti­fied a per­son of inter­est in this mat­ter and enquiries are ongoing
— The scult­pure has been removed for repair