Future One Hit Wonders Rejoice!

The most fun one could ever have for 5 bucks** would have to be Garage­Band for the iPad.

If you ever want to con­vince any­one that they should buy an iPad, show them this.  Show them how you can com­pose a song from scratch, that actu­al­ly sounds half decent in less than half an hour.  Show them how they can sing into the iPad, and with some mag­i­cal spe­cial effects they may not sound half bad.  Show them that with the “smart” instru­ments, the songs almost write them­selves.

Speak­ing of songs that write them­selves, I went one fur­ther and took the next step — I pub­lished my songs for all the world to hear. In fact, my songs are up for sale on iTunes.

My first sin­gle “Bro­ken Seams” breaks all records (par­don the pun), in that it lit­er­al­ly took me min­utes to put togeth­er and it goes for the mind bend­ing length of a minute and a half. It con­tains cheesy, made up on the spot 80s lyrics and even suf­fers from some pro­duc­tion issues (such as peo­ple talk­ing in the back­ground whilst the record­ing takes place).

Dinosaurs” is actu­al­ly a song I wrote when I was a kid after learn­ing the very big word “rep­u­ta­tion”, whilst obvi­ous­ly not actu­al­ly grasp­ing the mean­ing (lis­ten to the lyrics). And giv­en that I have just released the sin­gle to the world, I pos­si­bly still don’t grasp the mean­ing of the word.

With “My Name is Mr Robot”, I have to admit an ear­ly influ­ence by Kraftwerk (The Man Machine blew my pre-teen mind and my sis­ter’s stereo speak­ers). Also inspired by Pink Floyd, Daft Punk and The Chem­i­cal Broth­ers… as if you could­n’t tell!

Jim­my Fon­da­cash

The label “Fon­da­cash Records” is a homage to my broth­er who went under the name of Jim­my Fon­da­cash when he man­aged alter­na­tive punk bank The Non­cha­lants in the musi­cal­ly tur­bu­lent 1980s New­cas­tle.

Watch this space for more hits being plucked straight from the Air (or iPad) by Bill(y) Bovill.

But until then, why not splurge on over to iTunes and pur­chase a copy of the songs for your­self, while stocks last.  All pro­ceeds go to my chil­dren’s edu­ca­tion fund, prob­a­bly.

And one more thing… keep your ears and eyes open for anoth­er new artist who is cur­rent­ly record­ing a mov­ing trib­ute to the his­toric town of Jugiong.

** Of course the five bucks does not include the cost of the iPad