February 2011

The Diving Knife Incident

Dur­ing my first big adven­ture over­seas, I pret­ty much packed every­thing. I packed every­thing I need­ed, as well as every­thing I may ever need. Being on an extreme bud­get, I […]

When Good Acronyms Go Bad (WGAGB)

I was chat­ting with some col­leagues recent­ly and there was dis­cus­sion around how com­ing up with a good acronym can some­times over­shad­ow the goals of the organisation/committee/working group. For some […]

The Rip at One Mile Beach

It has to be said that a hol­i­day at Anna Bay, in the Port Stephens area, ticks a lot of box­es for me… Par­tic­u­lar­ly in the apart­ment at Fish­er­mans Bay, […]