The Best Men’s Hairdresser in the World

Sure, it’s a big call. How­ev­er, in all my trav­els, I have nev­er had a bet­ter hair­cut expe­ri­ence. True sto­ry.

In Blooms­bury, Lon­don, there is a small gent’s hair­dress­er called Gino’s. Now Gino him­self is a great hair­dress­er and a charm­ing fel­low – in fact, most of the blokes wait­ing are wait­ing to see him.

How­ev­er, as far as I am con­cerned the real hid­den gem is Roman­ian born Kata­ri­na.

When Kata­ri­na cuts your hair, it is like she is treat­ing each hair as an indi­vid­ual. She doesn’t just use clip­pers, and she doesn’t just use one pair of scis­sors. It seemed to me that there’s at least 5 dif­fer­ent shaped scis­sors all used in dif­fer­ent ways with mul­ti­ple angles and tech­niques, a cou­ple of types of clip­per blades, and to top it off – a cut-throat razor to shave the edges down to per­fec­tion.

Not only that, but includ­ed in the 15 quid and pri­or to the hair­cut, she’ll spin you around in the chair and give you a damn fine hair wash, fol­lowed by a spine tin­gling scalp mas­sage.

If you com­bine all these fac­tors then the whole expe­ri­ence adds up to the best hair­cut expe­ri­ence in the world.

Please, some­one else needs to expe­ri­ence it as well:

Gino Gents Hair­dress­er
43 March­mont Street
Blooms­bury, Lon­don WC1N 1AP
Unit­ed King­dom
Phone: +44 2078133056