Why do some peo­ple bend over back­wards to tell you they are anal?

Excuse me, while I con­sult the dic­tio­nary for a moment.

anal (ā′nəl)

1. of or near the anus
2. Psychoanalysis:
a. des­ig­nat­ing or of the sec­ond stage of psy­cho­sex­u­al devel­op­ment, in which inter­est cen­ters in excre­to­ry functions.
b. des­ig­nat­ing or of such traits in the adult as order­li­ness, stingi­ness, and obsti­na­cy, regard­ed as uncon­scious psy­chic residues of that stage.
3. Infor­mal exces­sive­ly or obses­sive­ly order­ly, stingy, stub­born, etc.

I must be child­ish. When­ev­er some­one says “I’m real­ly quite anal”, I can’t help but tit­ter like a school­girl. It is just one of those words that I per­son­al­ly have nev­er felt com­fort­able describ­ing myself or any­one else as — because it’s just one of those words.

In fact, apart from mas­ti­cate, its prob­a­bly one of the fun­ni­est words one can use, and when you con­sid­er the type of per­son that says they are “anal”, it usu­al­ly makes it all the more hillar­i­ous. In my opin­ion, if you use that word, you are bound to be the butt of many jokes. Bummer.

Fun­nier still is what appears on your Face­book pro­file if you “like” this page by click­ing on the link below. Think about it.

Try it now.

UPDATE:  I believe Google is also con­fused by the use of this word.  Is there cur­rent­ly an ad appear­ing to the right of this arti­cle?  I think not.  Why not?  Because Google has nat­u­ral­ly assumed this arti­cle is a porno relat­ed sex arti­cle on the use of the “back pas­sage” for plea­sure (or pain).  Take that search results!