Angry Birds Syndrome

Rumour has it that Aus­tralian Prime Min­is­ter Julia Gillard is an Angry Birds fan. When con­front­ed, Ms Gillard report­ed­ly pro­claimed “I did­n’t do it” and prompt­ly ran away with all the eggs. Sev­er­al furi­ous birds were lat­er seen gath­er­ing near The Lodge.

I had seen said game high on the App Store lists and talked about in many a pod­cast for many a week before recent­ly suc­cumb­ing to the Angry Birds HD ver­sion of the game for the iPad.

You have to give the authors cred­it where cred­it is due. The car­toon graph­ics, the catchy music, the great sound effects, the bird and pig char­ac­ters are all top notch. Even down to the detail where the pigs get a lit­tle smile on their face once they realise you have used up all your birds — those smarmy lit­tle b@$t@~ds.

If I had one crit­i­cism, it would be this: I would like to be able to be play­ing Angry Birds on my iPad and it some­how save the data – so that when I go to play it on my iPhone, it knows where I am up to, and vice ver­sa – the same way that iBooks seems to be able to do. Maybe Angry Birds can do that, and I am just unaware of that fea­ture. Or maybe it should inte­grate with the Apple Game Cen­ter – is that what that’s for?

The Angry Birds “Syn­drome” that inspired this post was brought about whilst I was stand­ing on my bal­cony over the week­end, with­out any form of tech­nol­o­gy in my hand. I looked over at the apart­ments across the way and stared into one of the walls. Sud­den­ly the theme music began in my head and I start­ed won­der­ing which bird would cause the most dam­age and what angle I should shoot it off at. I should point out that these thoughts were not based around mal­ice, but I think pure­ly based around spend­ing too many hours on the high­ly addic­tive (and often frus­trat­ing) game.

Giv­en the above, I may post­pone the pur­chase of Real Rac­ing HD as I’ve got some road trips com­ing up.