Two Faced Pitch

Grow up, grow old.

If you were a shape shifter — would you choose this face?

Whilst I think the priv­i­lege of grow­ing old grace­ful­ly applies to both men and women, I’m going to pick on the fel­las for now.  And I’m only going to pick on the old­er fel­las.  Once you’re over 60, let it go.  Nobody expects you to look young any­more – leave the Botox and  the face lifts to the star­lets and oth­er pro­fes­sion­al celebrities.

Your facial dis­po­si­tion should change at least slight­ly when you smile, frown, gri­mace, glare or gen­er­al­ly express yourself.

Paul McCart­ney, Steve Mar­tin and Paul Hogan, I am talk­ing to you.  You are all leg­ends in your own right.  You can all safe­ly rest on your lau­rels – or  you can keep work­ing, we don’t mind.  Just let the wrin­kles run free, let your hair be speck­led with salt and pep­per, and let us see the semi-real you.

Hoges, for god’s sake, you had more wrin­kles on your face at 30 than your aver­age Shar-Pei ever will.