Flash – will I miss you?

Mmm­m­mm… germs.

I am a self con­fessed iPhone fan­boy. Whilst I couldn’t give two hoots about the pub­lic sling­ing between Steve Jobs and Adobe around the Flash plat­form, I also don’t think I would miss it if it was to sud­den­ly dis­ap­pear. My main rea­son is this:

Most of the Flash con­tent I ever see is advertising.

That’s right, adver­tise­ments that are ani­mat­ed or inter­ac­tive or con­tain video con­tent.  The inter­net is rife with it, and it makes me won­der if that skews the fig­ures as to how wide­spread the use of Flash is on the net.

What about YouTube I hear you say?  Well, that already tak­en care of on my iPhone – and if I get an iPad (and there’s a good chance that I will since my iPhone has just been so good to me), it’ll be tak­en care of there too.  Games?  Same story.

Seeya Flash.  I enjoyed online Pac-Man for a while there.

At this stage I would also like to point out that I don’t miss my HTC Touch Dia­mond, my Sam­sung Omnia, my Palm Treo 750, my iMate SP3i and all the oth­er dread­ful Win­dows Mobile attempts at smart­phones that I have owned pri­or to my iPhone. But that’s anoth­er story…