Ant Man

Liv­ing near the CBD means you get to sam­ple human per­son­al­i­ties from a wide range of demo­graph­ic pos­si­bil­i­ties.  And much of this can be viewed from the com­fort of one’s […]

The Androgyny of Cyclists

In a same, but dif­fer­ent way to Schrödinger’s cat, a cyclist is nei­ther a male or a female… but both. Nev­er make the mis­take of admir­ing the phys­i­cal form of an approach­ing, or retreat­ing […]


Excuse me, while I con­sult the dic­tio­nary for a moment. anal (ā′nəl) adjec­tive 1. of or near the anus 2. Psy­cho­analy­sis: a. des­ig­nat­ing or of the sec­ond stage of psy­cho­sex­u­al devel­op­ment, […]

Angry Birds Syndrome

Rumour has it that Aus­tralian Prime Min­is­ter Julia Gillard is an Angry Birds fan. When con­front­ed, Ms Gillard report­ed­ly pro­claimed “I did­n’t do it” and prompt­ly ran away with all the […]

Coke or Cola?

The first drink I ever ordered in a for­eign bar was in Birken­head, UK in the ear­ly 90s. Me: “I would like a bour­bon and Coke please.” Pom­mie Bar­man: “A what?” […]

Scammy Fun

Being sil­ly with strangers is always fun. Being sil­ly with strangers try­ing to sell you some­thing is even fun­ner. Being sil­ly with strangers who are try­ing to scam you is […]

Two Faced Pitch

Grow up, grow old. Whilst I think the priv­i­lege of grow­ing old grace­ful­ly applies to both men and women, I’m going to pick on the fel­las for now.  And I’m only […]

Flash – will I miss you?

I am a self con­fessed iPhone fan­boy. Whilst I couldn’t give two hoots about the pub­lic sling­ing between Steve Jobs and Adobe around the Flash plat­form, I also don’t think […]