Put your hands up for Detroit!

If any­one had have told me a cou­ple of months ago that tonight I would be writ­ing this entry from a hotel room in Detroit, I would have said “Wait, you can pre­dict the future now?”

I say that because recent­ly I land­ed a job with a glob­al com­pa­ny at an office in Lon­don. Giv­en the cur­rent odds of land­ing a job in Lon­don at all at the moment, that was pleas­ant sur­prise num­ber one. Pleas­ant sur­prise num­ber two of course was being flown to Detroit for meet­ings and greet­ings at the US head office.

I guess what I am try­ing to say is that leav­ing one’s voca­tion­al com­fort zone can land you in the most sur­pris­ing of sit­u­a­tions. Plus this is also an oppor­tu­ni­ty to apol­o­gise to all those I have neglect­ed to keep in con­tact with over the last hec­tic cou­ple of months.

Pleas­ant sur­prise num­ber three has to be the fact that the week before I arrived, the tem­per­a­tures dropped to an unsea­son­ably cold ‑25 Degrees Cel­sius, before return­ing to a more mod­er­ate aver­age of ‑3 degrees. I love this city!