Waiting for the Great Leap Forward

Good gra­cious… I hope my hair stays on.

Is it just me or has there not been any stun­ning, change the world inven­tions of late? And I’m not talk­ing about break­throughs such as Blu-Ray or the iPod or the abil­i­ty to update your Face­book sta­tus to “David is sit­ting on a bus” via your mobile phone – as these are pret­ty much just adap­ta­tions of cur­rent tech­nolo­gies – plus they haven’t real­ly changed our lives as such (no mat­ter what the adver­tis­ers are telling us). Where is the fly­ing car? The bion­ic eye? The cure for can­cer? The nev­er end­ing roll of toi­let paper? Sure, there’s recent­ly been the Large Hadron Col­lid­er, but who the hell knows what that’s all about?**

Actu­al­ly, I don’t care what they invent next – as long as it’s a Time Machine (do a google search on Sketchy­cron)… Once we’ve got that, we can go back to the future and bring back the Holodeck, the Hypospray, Warp and Trans­porter tech­nol­o­gy. Sort­ed.

** Look up CERN’s Large Hadron Col­lid­er on Wikipedia – it’s actu­al­ly quite fas­ci­nat­ing.