The Incredulous Iron Hulk

Warn­ing: SPOILERS AHEAD… end­ings dis­cussed for Iron Man and The Incred­i­ble Hulk… with a bit of Spi­der-man 3 thrown in for good measure.

I recent­ly watched both movies The Incred­i­ble Hulk and Iron Man, in that order. My wife is a big Edward Nor­ton fan, but per­son­al­ly I think he could do with a bit more chin. Robert Downey Jr is way more appeal­ing in my hum­ble, non-sex­u­al, “man crush” kind of opin­ion. How­ev­er, that is nei­ther here nor there. After watch­ing The Incred­i­ble Hulk, I was slight­ly sur­prised to see a clash of two hulks at the end, but then again, what bet­ter bat­tle can be there to have two sim­i­lar enti­ties (one slight­ly big­ger and mean­er than the pro­tag­o­nist) bat­tling to the death. Good ver­sus Evil played out while mere mor­tals could only stand and watch as they smashed and pound­ed each oth­er, and every­thing around them.

A cou­ple of weeks lat­er I found myself watch­ing Iron Man, and was enter­tained from start to, well, almost to the fin­ish. RDJ’s char­ac­ter was extreme­ly like­able and watch­able, and all the char­ac­ters and scenes kept me well enter­tained. How­ev­er, much to my dis­il­lu­sion­ment, the end­ing entailed once again, two sim­i­lar enti­ties (one slight­ly big­ger and mean­er than the hand­some pro­tag­o­nist) bat­tling to the death. It made we wish I hadn’t seen The Incred­i­ble Hulk, because oth­er­wise I would have enjoyed it more com­plete­ly. Com­ic book based movies have always spurned my inter­est, but maybe a lit­tle more cre­ativ­i­ty and less for­mu­la would be nice. Still, the final press con­fer­ence scene almost made up for it.

As an adden­dum, let me just say that no com­ic book based plot deba­cle com­pares to Spi­der-man 3 where Harry’s trust­ed fam­i­ly but­ler sud­den­ly reveals that Peter (Spi­der-man) was not respon­si­ble for the death of Harry’s father – just in time for them to put much pent-up mal­ice towards each oth­er aside and con­ve­nient­ly join forces against a com­mon enemy.

You’re fired Bernard. I think Richie Rich is look­ing for a new butler.