When in London...

Here are my top ten most non-pre­ten­tious tips for new play­ers in London.

1. For­get your sunglasses.

2. Be pre­pared cloth­ing wise for Spring, Sum­mer, Autumn and Win­ter… all in the one day.

3. If you see a tiny drop of rain and you are in a crowd­ed area, run. Oth­er­wise, pre­pare for a thou­sand umbrel­las to burst open in your face, ready to stab you with their pointy eye lev­el spikes, regard­less as to whether such slight pre­cip­i­ta­tion would cause the hold­er to get even slight­ly wet.

4. Not every­thing is half price, it only looks that way (damn that cur­ren­cy conversion).

5. Post­codes have let­ters in them, and may even give a clue to your whereabouts.

6. There are more Pret a Manger sand­wich shops than all the grains of sand on all the beach­es in Britain.

7. Peo­ple are as polite as the stereo­type suggests.

8. The Dragon’s Den is the best thing on tel­ly (aside from Top Gear).

9. An Oys­ter­Card is not as dirty as it sounds, but is in fact very practical.

10. Proud­ly wear­ing a “Mind the Gap” t‑shirt is per­fect­ly accept­able behaviour.