Hvala Hrvatska

As we leave the love­ly Croa­t­ia behind, we just want to thank a few people:

The life­saver at Les Baines beach Hvar for pos­si­bly call­ing me Mr Gay Shark after my repeat­ed ques­tions about sharks in the area in an attempt to quell my irra­tional fears;

Bruno the scoot­er renter for mak­ing the hire of the vehi­cle and rid­ing on the wrong side of the road a less than ter­ri­fy­ing experience;

The lit­tle kid that we acci­den­tal­ly bust­ed pee­ing on a tree who we chuck­led at, only to find upon clos­er inspec­tion that he was a strange­ly small and high­ly embar­rassed grown up man;

Our apart­ment own­ers in Hvar who were extreme­ly kind and were sure­ly Croatia’s answer to Posh and Becks (sor­ry about your inter­net access being tem­porar­i­ly removed because a cer­tain some­one decid­ed to down­load a movie tor­rent or two).

Mero in Nin for let­ting us drink aplen­ty from his secret dis­tillery garage “lab­o­ra­to­ry” – the wine and grap­pa with its all nat­ur­al ingre­di­ents and mir­a­cle of no hang­over will remain unforgettable;

Old Ned and his hot grand­ma wife for their inter­est­ing tales of the many movie stars that they often enter­tained at their house includ­ing Bill Cos­by and Robert DeNiro;

Our speedo wear­ing new best friend who patrolled the float­ing jump­ing cas­tle at Zadar Hol­i­day Vil­lage like he was guard­ing Fort Knox.

And last­ly, the won­der­ful ever­last­ing sun­shine that gave us our tans that would com­pete with any respectable short shorts wear­ing British backpackers.