Big miniature what?

Our first Euro­pean train expe­ri­ence trav­el­ling from Vien­na to Munich led us to pon­der whether our First Class Eurail tick­ets would allow us to sit in these love­ly leath­ery com­part­ments marked “Busi­ness Class”. Sure­ly First Class is high­er than Busi­ness Class, so why not? Short­ly after mak­ing our­selves right at home, a giant Ger­man­ic con­duc­tor asks to see our tick­ets. He looked at the tick­ets, then he looked me up and down.

You are from Aus­tralia. Are you big minia­ture in Aus­tralia?” Our faces expressed utter con­fu­sion. What part of me was he sug­gest­ing was big, or pos­si­bly even minia­ture, or even more bizarrely, both?

Only big minia­tures sit in Busi­ness Class.” It was at this point it dawned on us he was refer­ring to “big man­agers” and not the oxy­moron we had misheard.

Oth­er­wise, you pay extra 50 Euros… Or you get out.” We got out. Echoes of his roar­ing laugh­ter could be heard all the way up until the next carriage.