The Incredulous Iron Hulk

Warn­ing: SPOILERS AHEAD… end­ings dis­cussed for Iron Man and The Incred­i­ble Hulk… with a bit of Spi­der-man 3 thrown in for good mea­sure. I recent­ly watched both movies The Incred­i­ble […]

The Clipboard Rumba

As much as I love char­i­ty organ­i­sa­tions, I have issues with the sales peo­ple in the streets dur­ing any giv­en lunch break. And I’m not talk­ing about The Big Issue […]

When in Barcelona...

Here are my top ten most non-pre­ten­­tious tips for vis­i­tors to Barcelona: 1. Bring your sun­glass­es. 2. There is more graf­fi­ti than Copeland Col­lege and Wat­son Shops com­bined. 3. Once […]

When in London...

Here are my top ten most non-pre­ten­­tious tips for new play­ers in Lon­don. 1. For­get your sun­glass­es. 2. Be pre­pared cloth­ing wise for Spring, Sum­mer, Autumn and Win­ter… all in […]

David Pongchong

Recent­ly it became an intox­i­cat­ed require­ment to look some­one up on Face­book. Before I talk about that, I should point out that I had a very short dal­liance with the […]

The Dick Smith Wizzard

TRS-80ZX-81VZ300… Apple ][… Ami­ga 500. Do these seem­ing­ly ran­dom mix of let­ters and num­bers mean any­thing to you? I had read some­where that in Rije­ka (Croa­t­ia) there was […]

A Bitter Fluff

There are many ben­e­fits to trav­el­ling to the oth­er side of the world, not least of which is that you can poten­tial­ly skip an entire Win­ter, which I am hap­pi­ly […]

Hvala Hrvatska

As we leave the love­ly Croa­t­ia behind, we just want to thank a few peo­ple: The life­saver at Les Baines beach Hvar for pos­si­bly call­ing me Mr Gay Shark after […]

Chuck Jagermeister

When walk­ing home from a pub in Bled (Slove­nia) after a night on the schnapps, be care­ful to steer clear of a hedge that may look ripe for the lean­ing. […]