Future Shock

Did any oth­er nerd­burg­ers out there watch The New Inven­tors the oth­er night? They fea­tured that won­der­ful bur­geon­ing breed… futurists.

In par­tic­u­lar there was a lady who talked about how in the future, build­ings may have a kind of exoskele­ton that would allow veg­e­ta­tion to grow on the out­side and act as a cool­ing agent, replac­ing the build­ing’s air-con­di­tion­ing sys­tems. Won­der­ful, I thought.  What a fan­tas­tic idea.

But as with many of these great prophets of things to come, they always go that extra mile and leave their audi­ence behind.

To para­phrase: “There would no longer be any need for cafes, as peo­ple work­ing in the build­ing could sim­ply open the win­dow and pick their own sal­ad for lunch.”

Yeah right. Unless you’ve got a schnitzel burg­er tree grow­ing out­side your win­dow, or pos­si­bly a BLT bush, you ain’t gonna appeal to the greasy lovin’ mass­es (so to speak).

And Marge Simp­son so apt­ly put it:  You can’t win friends with salad.

One… ~wheeze~… step… ~wheeze~… at a time, please.