Aero Bar

After work­ing out at the air­port for a cou­ple of years now, I’ve dis­cov­ered some­thing about myself. I real­ly, real­ly like aero­planes. Since work­ing out there I’ve seen some mas­sive planes like the Russ­ian Antanov (that brought the two big Elvis Sky­crane heli­copters to Can­ber­ra inside its guts), and the Globe­mas­ter C‑17 (pur­chased by our Defence folks for some unspec­i­fied peace­keep­ing purpose).

But you know what I real­ly like? Jum­bo Jets! I wan­na have my head shaved by one as often as pos­si­ble… and they do land at Can­ber­ra Air­port on the odd occa­sion. That’s right, work­ing out at Brind­abel­la Park is like work­ing in Seven-Four-Heaven.