Pop Fiction

You may have seen the news arti­cle that the ACT Gov­ern­ment is crack­er­ing down on fire­works being used after the Queen’s Birth­day Long Week­end.  This begs the obvi­ous question:

Are fire­works legal in Canberra?

I asked an imag­i­nary friend of mine for their opin­ion, and this was the response:

Yeah, it breaks down like this, okay, it’s legal to buy them, it’s legal to own them, and if you’re the pro­pri­etor of a fire­works com­pa­ny, it’s legal to sell them. It’s legal to car­ry them, but but, that does­n’t mat­ter, because… get a load of this, alright, if you get stopped by a cop in Can­ber­ra, it’s ille­gal for them to search you. I mean, that’s the right the cops in Can­ber­ra DON’T have.”

You can imag­ine my response: “Oh man, I’m going, that’s all it is to it, I’m freakin going.”