Lost again

Is any­one else addict­ed to LOST and have had their minds blown (as promised) by the first 5 min­utes last night? Pre­vi­ous­ly on LOST, I raised a few burn­ing ques­tions about the series, all of which remain unan­swered after last night’s episode… in fact, it raised a few more…

Will Jack’s expen­sive beard trim­mer final­ly run out of bat­ter­ies?

Will Hur­ley live up to his name after eat­ing the island’s entire blow­fish pop­u­la­tion?

Will Sayid be “dis­ap­point­ed” when he finds out that Sad­dam has since shuf­fled off his mor­tal coil.

Will Char­lie change his name to Smack­ie?

Will Sawyer and Kate have a very awk­ward moment when she dis­cov­ers he has been wear­ing her favourite G-String the whole time… back to front… and inside out.

Stay tuned. Things can only get bet­ter…