Freeform Forgotten

As you know I was pret­ty darn excit­ed about going to Freeform Five.… put a note in my cal­en­dar… told every­one that I was going. Then, as fate would have it, I freakin’ forgot.

A bunch of us usu­al sus­pects head­ed out that night start­ing at PJs and end­ed up shuf­fling into Civic Pub for drunk­en’ pool, and typ­i­cal­ly as the night pro­gressed some­one said “We should go dance some­where. Any ideas?” and the usu­al group debate followed:


You would think that some­where in my frontal lobe a neu­ron would have cried out “Hey, how about Freeform Five?!”

But no. We went home… sort of. Need­less to say that I missed the show. Iron­i­cal­ly I remem­bered at around 6:AM.