Double Time

Have you ever been walk­ing along and you saw some­one that remind­ed you of some­one you may not have seen for a while… then a short time lat­er you see the actu­al per­son?

It kin­da reminds me of Don­nie Darko where he sees a kind of “time goo” stretch­ing out from every­one’s chest that they fol­low into the near future. I thought this only ever hap­pened to me (not the time goo part), until a friend I was hav­ing cof­fee with ear­li­er in the week said “Have you ever been walk­ing along…” etc.

I was dis­cussing this strange phe­nom­e­non** with anoth­er cos­mi­cal­ly aware friend and she said “and no- it does­n’t hap­pen to us all… The select few”.

** Love that word, phe­nom­e­non. It makes me think of the mup­pets: “Phe­nom­e­non, doot doo da do doo.”