I’d like to intro­duce to you a food com­bi­na­tion that I recent­ly dis­cov­ered which is tru­ly at the height of deli­cious­ness:


  • One block of Cad­bury Dairy Milk Choco­late
  • One tube of Salt and Vine­gar Pringles


  • Take one square of choco­late and place in the mouth.
  • Give it a lit­tle chew, but not too much.
  • Place two hyper­bol­ic parab­o­loids of Pringles into the mouth around the same area where the choco­late is sit­ting.
  • Mas­ti­cate furi­ous­ly.
  • Mix it up and allow the endor­phins to flow.

Start send­ing the invi­ta­tions out to the par­ty in your mouth!