No más conversaciones

Dear Lord, being the pru­dent dis­be­liev­er that I am, I don’t ask for much, but please grant me the audi­ence of a girl with an angel­ic voice as cute as the one who sings the below lyrics… in return I promise to go forth and mul­ti­ply… again and again and again…

I fix a point upon the ceil­ing
Noth­ing to do how can I make my escape?
The sud­den shock, a hid­den feel­ing
No room to breathe feels like I’m locked in this space

Coz who’s got all the solu­tions?
180 rev­o­lu­tions
Where I turn it depends,
Where I fall in the end.”

Seri­ous­ly though… I rate the Mylo Remix of Freeform Five’s “No More Con­ver­sa­tions” as the track of 2006.

It’s almost up there with Rob­bie William’s “Angels”… almost…