Lost in Transubstantiation

Recent­ly, and in a noto­ri­ous­ly vague kind of way I was telling a good friend of mine about my pos­si­ble upcom­ing time trav­el exper­i­ment. I had to main­tain a cer­tain lev­el of secre­cy, as you can imag­ine, but still want­ed to flux my friend’s inter­est. After telling her all that I was will­ing to divulge, her obvi­ous next ques­tion was “When are you going to do it?”

In what may have to be the great­est ‘had to be there’ of all time, my meek reply was “When… when I get brave enough.”

Stream­ing tears of laugh­ter on her behalf ensued.

I live to amuse, time and again.