The top 10 signs that your East­er Bun­ny is crazy:

10. His neigh­bours describe him as “a qui­et loner.”

9. He was removed from Myers last Decem­ber after scream­ing at San­ta, “You’re going to die up there, fat man!”

8. He can’t stop wash­ing his paws.

7. He spikes his choco­late eggs with Roharepnol.

6. He believes in you.

5. He met with Dr. Kevorkian about the pos­si­bil­i­ty of a “sui­cide egg.”

4. The rot­ting corpse of the Ener­giz­er bun­ny was recent­ly dis­cov­ered in his crawl space.

3. He thought Glenn Close did the right thing in Fatal Attraction.

2. He’s hip­pi­ty-hopped up on crack.

1. He keeps rub­bing him­self for good luck