Lost in da house

Does any­one else watch Lost?

I did­n’t catch a huge amount of the first sea­son… but the sec­ond sea­son has me hooked, lined and sinkered. It kin­da reminds me of the X‑Files, where they have your stand­alone episodes, but then there are the real­ly cool episodes that have this under­ly­ing con­spir­a­cy thing going that every­one looks for­ward to – I quote the Bare­naked Ladies: “Watch­ing X‑Files with no lights on, we’re dans la mai­son, I hope the Smok­ing Man’s in this one.” Like the X‑files, as the show pro­gress­es it rais­es more ques­tions than it answers… such as:

Why is Hur­ley still so much of a chub­ber after 2 months on a desert island?

Is Daw­son real­ly Chris Rock on vacation?

What the hell was with that lame-ass MI‑3 pro­mo episode a cou­ple of weeks ago?

Can a bul­let rid­dled Apple II real­ly be repaired with vines, sand and coconut juice?

Would Char­lie end up look­ing like a Hob­bit if he used all that ham­mer himself?

Will they stum­ble across the bones of Gilli­gan and The Skipper?

These and many more ques­tions may remain unan­swered… but I’ll keep watch­ing any old how.