Peak hour hilarity

The strangest thing hap­pened to me on the way to work last week. Here I am, dri­ving along with a co-work­er up Lime­stone Ave dur­ing peak hour traf­fic, when I noticed a car up ahead eas­ing out from a dri­ve­way onto the road…. “That’s a bit cheeky” I said to my friend as I con­tin­ued along, think­ing the car would stop before it pulled out into the two lanes of traf­fic mov­ing at a rea­son­able pace. But noooo, the car kept com­ing and I had to swerve so that the car wouldn’t T‑bone me. Then, as my mate turned to look behind us he said the strangest thing… “There’s nobody in that car!”

Sure enough, the car kept going per­pen­dic­u­lar to traf­fic, every­one behind me had been blocked, as it bounced off the gut­ter and rolled back­wards again to come to a stop. The sto­ry end­ed there for me, look­ing back in my mir­ror as we drove out of sight with this car just sit­ting in the mid­dle of the road.

Much embar­rass­ment must have ensued as some­one realised that their car was not in the dri­ve­way where they left it, and that a hun­dred angry peak hour motorists were wait­ing to glare and snarl at them…