The system keeps us blind

Recent­ly I had a long chat with an ex-SAS mil­i­tary guy who had been on all kinds of crazy mis­sions, sav­ing the world here and there. A phrase he kept repeat­ing when he was talk­ing about the world of the mil­i­tary, pol­i­tics and espi­onage was “Noth­ing is what it seems.”

This is just the kind of thing that rings alarm bells for a para­noid android like myself… after all, those who know me know that I’ll argue for­ev­er at par­ties that none of us can prove or dis­prove that we are liv­ing in a Matrix; or that we are mere­ly brains in a vat; or that any­one at all exists oth­er than myself (how­ev­er, late­ly I’m spend­ing a lot of time try­ing to fig­ure out why my invi­ta­tions to par­ties repeat­ed­ly get lost in the mail).

Any­way… the oth­er day whilst wan­der­ing through Haig Park I noticed that there are all these neat lit­tle sten­ciled graffiti’s on the path­way cit­ing “The Sys­tem Keeps Us Blind”. I like it.  It makes me won­der why some­one would go to all that effort to sew these lit­tle seeds of intrigue.

Who­ev­er you are, you have sparked my inter­est… I want to know more!

UPDATE: By a stag­ger­ing coin­ci­dence I actu­al­ly got to meet and know our afore­men­tioned sten­cil artist a cou­ple of years lat­er.  How slew is the universe?