Goodie Two Shoes

Yes­ter­day I got me a new pair of DJ shoes. That’s right, DJ shoes. Now are they called DJ shoes because they are pur­chased from David Jones? No. They are called DJ shoes because appar­ent­ly they are specif­i­cal­ly designed for DJs (or the way I see things, peo­ple who run web­sites that have ten­u­ous links to the DJ industry).

The spin from Reebok says “skip the line and catch the bouncer’s eye with the beams of reflect­ed glo­ry from your toe tap­pers that just scream: On the guest list? I AM the guest list! Embroi­dered Head­phones on heel shows who’s the boss”.

I kid you not. With cre­den­tials like that, I won­der why they were on special?

Any­way, they’ll be mak­ing their debut at Freestylers tonight and they hope to see you there…