A Lover of Brown

As you know, I am a lover. A lover of art. A lover of the French. A lover of con­spir­a­cy the­o­ries. A lover of excite­ment, adven­ture, and real­ly wild things. So if you’ve heard any­thing about The Da Vin­ci Code, then you can imag­ine it being right up my alley. On the rec­om­men­da­tion of a vari­ety of peo­ple, I read it.

And it was good. In fact, I can hon­est­ly say I’ve nev­er read a book so freakin’ fast. It’s kin­da like eat­ing a McDon­ald’s Cheese­burg­er.  So get stuck in if you haven’t already.

It’s inter­est­ing that if you search for ‘Da Vin­ci Code’ on Google, most of the spon­sored links on the right are from church­es urg­ing you to click on them and find out ‘the real truth’.

How strange, because The Da Vin­ci Code is unashamed­ly a work of fic­tion… or is it?