The Matrix Collection

It’s been a while since I’ve men­tioned this top­ic… but… for all you Matrix nerds out there, there is the mam­moth 10 disc Ulit­mate Matrix Col­lec­tion com­ing out on 10 Decem­ber. There are even two ver­sions of it: A nor­mal one, and a ‘Lim­it­ed Edi­tion’ pack that has a ‘bust’ of Neo includ­ed… it’s kin­da tacky look­ing in the pic­ture and even a hard-core fan like myself will prob­a­bly give it a miss.

To be frank and earnest (good friends of mine), I real­ly think that the only essen­tial Matrix DVDs are the orig­i­nal, and the Ani­ma­trix – the oth­ers in my col­lec­tion are lucky to have seen the day­light more than a cou­ple of times. Hav­ing said that, I’ll prob­a­bly still bloody buy the bloody 10 disc bloody set…

UPDATE:  I pur­chased the Ulit­mate Matrix Col­lec­tion with tacky look­ing bust short­ly after.