Heli­copters are so cool. Did you see the Erick­son Air-Crane heli­copters ‘Elvis’ and ‘Isabelle’ deliv­ered to Syd­ney in prepa­ra­tion for the bush­fire sea­son? If you ever get the chance to see one of these babies in real life, they are HUGE (even big­ger than the Ley­land P76 you just imag­ined in your head)!

And since heli­copters are so cool, then heli­copter pilots must be pret­ty cool too.

And if heli­copter pilots are cool, then peo­ple who dive into the water to res­cue them must be pret­ty cool too. I usu­al­ly don’t like to preach about domes­tics pol­i­tics, but let’s attempt to main­tain some kind of bal­ance by keep­ing (the mod­er­ate­ly good look­ing) John Stan­hope as ACT Chief Minister.

Now, back to heli­copters… Did you know that Elvis (the S‑64 Sky­crane) dumped an aver­age of 100,000 litres per hour of water dur­ing Australia’s worst bush­fires… which is almost as much as the aver­age raver drinks at any giv­en New Years Eve party…