I Understand Now

Ok, I had anoth­er dream I just need to share (here we go again).

The oth­er night I woke up after the most full on and vivid dream I’ve had for some time (thank­ful­ly no impend­ing dis­as­ter pre­dic­tions this time).

I dreamt that I was able to shrink down and keep shrink­ing down until I was look­ing at sub-atom­ic par­ti­cles as if they were as enor­mous as galax­ies. I then con­tin­ued to shrink down through these galax­ies until basi­cal­ly I was back where I start­ed, with things being back to nor­mal size.

The dream end­ed with me hold­ing the uni­verse in all its won­der in the palm of my hand. That part was pret­ty damn cool (the spe­cial effects stu­dio in my brain should be congratulated).

Now, the uni­verse with­in a uni­verse the­o­ry is noth­ing new I hear you say… how­ev­er, my dream dif­fered in that I stayed with­in the same universe.

Kin­da like if you walked in a straight line on Earth you’d always end up back where you start­ed, even though you feel like you’re get­ting fur­ther and fur­ther away… the Gen­er­al The­o­ry of Rel­a­tiv­i­ty talks also about Space/Time being curved in this same way.

I have my doubts that humans will ever com­plete­ly under­stand our uni­verse, as our brains are just not big enough – the same way that an ant would not be able to fig­ure out that the rea­son his mate lies next to him squished is because an R34 Nis­san Sky­line GT‑R just ran over him. 

No mat­ter how hard he tried, he just could not comprehend.

No won­der peo­ple invent­ed God.