Big Brother 2004

Is this the dumb­est round of Big Broth­er con­tes­tants ever?

For­give me if I offend any­one here, but who the hell hasn’t heard of the Berlin Wall? What’s worse, the young fel­la who explained it to the young lady said some­thing like “It was a big wall in Berlin, that was built to sep­a­rate the rich and the poor.”

This all reminds me of the age old say­ing “Those who do not learn fromhis­to­ry are doomed to repeat it”, but pos­si­bly a more mod­ern and appro­pri­ate line is “Tele­vi­sion, the drug of the Nation… Breed­ing igno­rance and feed­ing radiation.”

Ah well, “this one is going to be all about sex” a friend of mine said after see­ing the first episode last Sun­day… and it’s not meant to be too seri­ous I sup­pose… and some of the bod­ies aren’t unpleas­ant on the eyes… uh oh, I’m already find­ing it dif­fi­cult not to watch…

Damn you George Orwell!