Cheap­er than dump­ing goo on your friends from a bridge (have you seen the price of goo these days?)…

Eas­i­er than drilling into huge ice blocks and rac­ing them down hill (a high­ly like­ly thing for a bunch of slack­ers to do).

Will I get to the point soon? Hell yes, I’m talk­ing about TECHNIPETS: Those lit­tle robot ani­mal things that cur­rent­ly come with a McDon­alds Hap­py Meal.

Sure, they’re kin­da cute, and they inter­act with each oth­er, and they make a lot of noise when you clap your hands or whatever…

BUT… did you know that they also go off BEFORE your mobile phone rings or gets a mes­sage? That’s right… get one of these lit­tle things and you’ll always know when your phone is about to ring… how cool is that? I excit­ed­ly told my hair­dress­er this last night and he said: “You need to get out more.”

Any­way, if you get one, stay away from ‘Chee Chee’ the mon­key… that lit­tle beggar’s screech becomes real annoy­ing, real fast.

UPDATE 2011:  7 years lat­er I stum­ble across one my Tech­nipets in a box.  Amaz­ing­ly, it still works.  I can only assume that it runs on some kind of bio or nuclear fuel cell.

Check out this video of the poky lit­tle pup look­ing just as healthy in 2011 as it did in 2004: