Reality TV

Could we be flood­ed with any more so called ‘real­i­ty TV’? Talk about “When you’re on a good thing, stick to it”! It was bad enough when you couldn’t change chan­nels with­out a new renovation/DIY show with some semi-attrac­tive star­let telling you how best to insert your tongue and groove joint, but this is way worse. Isn’t there a lim­it to how many blonde chick­ies we can watch being wooed by a dozen or so less than aver­age men, or being ter­ri­fied by one big fat boozehound.

The only excep­tion, of course, is the “The Sim­ple Life” with Paris Hilton, which puts a giant grin on my face when­ev­er I watch it… but is that real­ly a real­i­ty show… really?

How long will it be before we end up with some kind of real­i­ty blood sport where we’ll be able to wit­ness some­one die before our very eyes (kin­da like “The Run­ning Man” with Arnie). After all, the Romans did it bril­liant­ly, and that was only a cou­ple of thou­sand years ago…