Digital TV

You’ve seen the ads… old ‘moon­face’ Bert, the deli­cious Catri­ona Rown­tree and the good look­ing blonde chick with the horsey kin­da face. Yes, I’m talk­ing about Dig­i­tal TV… the best thing to hap­pen to tele­vi­sion since they all but scrapped that Ray­mond rubbish.

I was scep­ti­cal at first, until a mate lent me his ‘Dig­i­tal Set Top Box’ (yes, you need to learn that tech­ni­cal term)… and far out! My block of units has nev­er had won­der­ful TV recep­tion (even though you can see Tel­stra Tow­er from my bal­cony), but who cares now!?

Not me… it doesn’t seem to mat­ter with Dig­iTV, the sig­nal is bloomin’ per­fect 24 hours a day on every chan­nel! Plus, being a Homer junkie, I can final­ly enjoy The Simp­sons in full stereo.

I don’t wan­na sound like an ad here, but I thought it was my duty to share such a rev­e­la­tion with you… so if you like a bit of tel­ly, go and get your­self a DSTB, that’s right, a Dig­i­tal Set Top Box… you can pick them up for under $300 these days – and that’s what, maybe the equiv­a­lent of only 750 Chu­pa Chups!?

PS – I just remem­bered one down­side with get­ting a DSTB… anoth­er freakin’ remote control!!!!