George Dubya

Nor­mal­ly I try not to be too polit­i­cal in pub­lic… how­ev­er, the state of fear the world appears to be in late­ly is dri­ving me a bit nuts… but judg­ing by the lat­est sketchy poll, opin­ions on George W seem to be in agree­ment with me, with 88.9% vot­ers sug­gest­ing he’s a F‑wit, Dumb Ass, Ter­ror­ist or Maniac.

Sure my sam­ple size is rel­a­tive­ly low, but there is a defin­i­tive pat­tern emerg­ing (every­one knows that 22.4% of sta­tis­tics are made up on the spot). Any­way, there are plen­ty of rea­sons to get angry about Dubya, way too many to list in one email (grab your­self a copy of either ‘Stu­pid White Men’, or ‘Dude Where’s My Coun­try?’ by Michael Moore if you want a mul­ti­tude of reasons).

So I encour­age every­one to exer­cise our demo­c­ra­t­ic right (while we still have one or two) to protest, and boo George when he arrives in our coun­try next week… there’s a Nation­al Ral­ly at Par­lia­ment House at 9am next Thurs­day 23 Octo­ber. Hope to see you there!

This arti­cle is ded­i­cat­ed to those work col­leagues who think I’m a tree hug­ging lefty because I dis­agreed with the unau­tho­rised inva­sion of Iraq… Coz things are so much bet­ter now, eh guys?