George Dubya II

Dubya has left the build­ing. I must admit, even though I was right up the front of the pro­test­ers yelling ‘boo’ and ‘Go Home­bush!’ (wait, maybe that was meant to be ‘Go home Bush!’), it was kin­da excit­ing to see such a secu­ri­ty hoo-ha and the longest damn motor­cade ever. There was one ‘black van’ that had more aeri­als than Tel­stra Tow­er, and did any­one notice on the news last night that the pres­i­den­tial limo’s doors were about a foot thick?

Did any­one else go out and look at the big planes out at Fair­bairn? They were spec­tac­u­lar! Ah George, I still think you’re a knob but you and your entourage sure put on a fine show.

Mind you, I slept a whole lot bet­ter last night with­out the con­stant rum­ble of fight­er jets overhead!