Chances of any­thing com­ing from Mars, are a mil­lion to one” he said. If you know those lyrics, then you know your sci-fi rock operas. But, did you know that Mars will soon be the clos­est it’s been to Earth for around 70,000 years?

Apart from the moon, Mars is cur­rent­ly the bright­est object in the sky, and is eas­i­ly recog­nised due to its funky red glow. It ris­es each night just after 8:30pm… but any time after about 10pm is good, where it will be around about a handspan high in the East­ern sky.

If you’ve got access to a tele­scope, you should actu­al­ly be able to see the polar caps.

Any­way, I just thought I’d pro­vide you with anoth­er sky­ward dis­trac­tion from our crazy Earth-bound lives. If you miss out on see­ing Mars this time round, don’t sweat, because it will actu­al­ly be clos­er to Earth again in 2287AD. Ulla!!!