Country Party

This week­end I’m going to a 21st birth­day par­ty in ‘the coun­try’… or to be more pre­cise, Bur­ra! Those coun­try folk sure know how to party.

A wild boar was caught and raised espe­cial­ly for the occa­sion… if only it knew the mean­ing of its name “Kebab”, then it may have had more of an under­stand­ing of its fate.

A 16 foot high bon­fire has been pre­pared… the flames will prob­a­bly be vis­i­ble from Tel­stra Tow­er. Toi­let rolls have been soaked in petrol, ready for games of ‘fire­ball soccer’.

An AC/DC ful­ly loaded Juke­box is being deliv­ered as we speak. The ‘burnout pad­dock’ has been cleared and watered.

Extra wool­ly flan­nelette shirts have been sold out for the entire Can­ber­ra region, so don’t try buy­ing one this week­end. They sure­ly do know how to par­ty in the country…

Wish me luck…