Country Party II

Every­thing I spoke about in last weeks email came true. At the coun­try 21st par­ty, there were peo­ple duck­ing left, right and cen­tre from flam­ing toi­let rolls, dodg­ing a ute that was doing cir­cle work right next to the giant bon­fire, and there were more teenage girls cry­ing than at a Justin Tim­ber­lake concert.

Due to a lit­tle exces­sive red wine drink­ing, the next morn­ing I was hav­ing dis­turb­ing heart pal­pi­ta­tions…. and when I raised this con­cern with the own­er of the prop­er­ty he said “Did you take any drugs?”, I said “No”, to which he replied “Maybe you should have.”

I love coun­try folk!