Matrix Reloaded

There’s not much I can tell you about the Matrix Reloaded that won’t be a plot giveaway/spoiler, so I’ll walk on eggshells for the ben­e­fit of all.

Let me start by say­ing, that if you didn’t under­stand the first Matrix movie, or haven’t seen it recent­ly, make sure you do before you see Reloaded – I found that I didn’t even real­ly under­stand the cli­max of the movie until hav­ing a good think in car on the way home from the cin­e­ma last night (grant­ed it was ‘tooth hur­ty’ in the morning).

The movie remind­ed me of The Empire Strikes Back, in that, after the hero ful­fill­ing his des­tiny in the first movie, the evil over­lord turns around and says “You think you’re all that, but you ain’t”.

I loved Reloaded (what were the chances of me not?), and I haven’t stopped think­ing about it since last night – but I’ll have to see it again real­ly soon so I can spend less time being wowed by the spe­cial effects, and more time under­stand­ing what the hell it’s all about. This movie went places that the first one didn’t – I cer­tain­ly wasn’t expect­ing to see a digital/matrix encod­ed woman’s orgasm up close – but I’m glad I did.

Expect to find out more about how the machine gen­er­at­ed matrix world oper­ates, but then expect to find out that you quite pos­si­bly know noth­ing at all. I’m glad we don’t have to wait anoth­er 3 years for the con­clu­sion – Matrix Rev­o­lu­tions comes out in November. 

To sum­marise, as Mor­pheus said to Neo in the first Matrix “You have to see it for yourself…”