Hollywood Nights

A Hol­ly­wood pro­duc­er with a huge spe­cial effects bud­get was direct­ing my dreams the oth­er night. Have you ever had an awe­some dream that was so real­is­tic that you can’t stop think­ing about it?

Last night I watched with shock and awe as a giant aster­oid (some­how relat­ed to Mars) plum­met­ed to Earth and impact­ed in the cen­tre of an unnamed city, way off in the distance.

I felt the phat­test bass of the shock­wave rum­ble below my feet, and the flash was near blind­ing. Every­one around me went from stand­ing still to a fren­zied pan­ic as we watched the glow­ing red blast wave head­ing for us con­sum­ing every­thing in its path.

At this stage I toyed with the idea of jump­ing off a near­by bridge to my death, so as to avoid fac­ing becom­ing like a rag doll being tossed by the vio­lent winds to my ulti­mate doom.

Instead, to cut a long dream short, I found a moat in a farm (as you do in a big city), swam to the bot­tom, and held my breath as a fiery wind raced across above me. Whew!

Then I woke up.

I did­n’t even get to read the credits.