Last night we went and saw the pre­miere of Dream­Catch­er, a Stephen King sci-fi hor­ror flick. If you love a mix of scary mon­sters with lots of teeth, splat­ter­ing blood, telepa­thy, gooey sticky spawn­ing aliens, mind games, heli­copter chas­es, screw­ball com­e­dy, Taran­ti­no like con­ver­sa­tions and fart jokes – this is the movie for you!

Four of us went last night: the two guys gave it the thumbs up; the two girls thought it was dumb – quote “What the hell was the movie about?”

Any­way, my prime direc­tive for see­ing Dream­Catch­er was that it was show­ing with the short ani­mat­ed pre­quel to Matrix Reloaded, FINAL FLIGHT OF THE OSIRIS. If you’re a die-hard Matrix fan (as all sketchy peo­ple should be), then go and see it. This 9 minute fea­ture is sim­i­lar in CGI style to Final Fan­ta­sy, and the ani­mat­ed femme hero is hot­ter than hot (she’s not real Bill, she’s not real).

How­ev­er, if you miss out on see­ing this, then you can get it on the upcom­ing DVD “The Ani­ma­trix” along with 8 oth­er short ani­me style Matrix relat­ed films due for release around the same time as Matrix Reloaded in June (along­side the com­put­er game – Enter the Matrix).

It seems The Matrix is pos­si­bly going to have the most con­quer­ing mar­ket­ing cam­paign since Scandal’Us!